EA moves UK release dates to align with mainland Europe

24 hours early!

Electronics Arts will align its UK release dates with the rest of Europe.

This means that rather having to wait for the industry-standard of a Friday here on old Blighty, we’ll be able to snag our PAL UK copies a whole day earlier. Woot! 

“Until now, players in the UK have had to wait until Friday for new EA games to release, one day after the rest of Europe,” said EA. “We realised that players wanted to be able to get in the game the same time as their friends across Europe and we’re happy to make this change.”

Consequently, this means we’ll get our grubby paws on Need for Speed, Star Wars Battlefront, Madden and FIFA 16 earlier than originally publicised – here are the revised release dates:

  • EA Sports Madden NFL 16 (August 27)
  • EA Sports FIFA 16 (September 24)
  • Need for Speed (November 5)
  • Star Wars Battlefront (November 19)

While that aligns us with our European cousins, our pals in the US still snag most of their games on the Tuesday before we do. Bastards. *shakes fist*

Tell me – is this something that you honestly couldn’t give a rat’s ass about, or are you delighted to hear that EA are taking steps to make release dates more equitable in each territory?

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Vikki Blake