EA makes a big financial backing for plants in the Plants vs. Zombies war

Putting one side in the ground

EA has made its allegiances known. In the everlasting war between plants and zombies, the arboreal and the once-alive, EA has sided with the leafy oxygen-providers. Probably a good choice!

In contribution to the TeamTrees charity effort, EA has donated $500,000 to help plant 500,000 trees. And it’s in the name of Plants vs. Zombies, of course. Neutrality be damned, it only makes sense that EA would support plants; imagine EA making a big financial investment in bringing more zombies into the world.

TeamTrees is the brainchild of YouTuber MrBeast (video embedded above), and it’s an initiative to help plant 20 million new trees around the world. It started when MrBeast’s community challenged him to plant 20 million trees for hitting 20 million subscribers. Every dollar donated translates to a tree. TeamTrees is run through the Arbor Day Foundation.

EA is one of the largest donors thus far. The top contributor is Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke, who chipped in for $1,000,001. That’s good for a single tree more than Elon Musk. Also of note: Twitter founder Jack Dorsey donated 350,000 trees, MrBeast supported his own cause with 200,002 trees, and PewDiePie helped plant 69,420 trees (duh).

TeamTrees is well on its way to meeting its goal. With nearly a month left, it has surpassed 17 million trees. Give them a visit if you want to donate some plants. Or don’t if you’re more of a zombies person.

Brett Makedonski
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