EA has not forgotten about the Medal of Honor franchise

Hey, remember Medal of Honor? It was that other World War II game that people loved so much. The last we heard of the series was in 2007 with Medal of Honor: Airborne and Medal of Honor: Heroes 2. All in all, there were over a dozen Medal of Honor games before the series just disappeared.

We’ve heard that the franchise might be making a return and EA Games label head Frank Gibeau teased during today’s conference call that a “revitalization” of the Medal of Honor series is indeed coming. Frank didn’t provide any other details, but it’s believed the new game will be out in 2010 along with Criterion’s Need For Speed.

Hopefully, “revitalization” means the Medal of Honor series will now have a modern day setting. Or even better, some kind of future setting. Anything is better than another World War II themed game.  

Hamza Aziz