EA denies claim of Crysis on the 360

Despite what 1UP has said, EA has now officially come out and said that their PC gem will not make it to the Xbox 360. While 1UP had claimed a version of the game was being adapted for the console, EA has said no dice:

EA has officially stated that Crysis is not planned for Xbox 360. … an Electronics Arts rep disputed the claims. Apparently, there was some sort of miscommunication which led the editors to assume that a 360 version of the upcoming shooter was currently in development. EA’s spokesman confirmed that this was nowhere near an official announcement and expected a retraction to be forthcoming.

1UP’s retraction amounted to nothing but this update within the original story:

Representatives from EA have told us that any comments about Crysis on a platform other than PC are purely speculative. The Crytek team is currently only tasked with working on the PC version of the game. 

Internet drama … oooh, I love it. 

Robert Summa