EA commemorates a decade of Medal of Honor with a 10th anniversary PC bundle

How many World War II games have come out in the last ten years? I’m not sure, so let’s just go with “more than enough.” Alright, so how many of those titles belonged to the Medal of Honor series?

Again, I would say “more than enough,” but I know some of you are fond of the games, and that’s why the newly-announced Medal of Honor 10th Anniversary Edition isn’t necessarily targeted at people like me.

The bundle has been set at the $39.99 price point and will include all things MoH: Allied Assault, Spearhead, Breakthrough, Pacific Assault Director’s Edition, and Airborne.

There’s also a soundtrack, a strategy guide for Allied Assault, exclusive in-game weapons, documentaries on propaganda and battlefield training, and even interviews with WWII veterans. Damn, that’s a lot of content!


Jordan Devore
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