E3: ‘This ends now’ in new Deus Ex: Human Revolution clip

A Deus Ex: Human Revolution E3 trailer? E3 doesn’t start for another week! Eidos is getting a head start on the show, likely worried it’ll get drowned out in the chaos.

That would be unfortunate, because Human Revolution is looking slick. This latest clip, which clocks in over two minutes in length, is another highly-polished, adrenaline soaked trailer. It’s the kind of Hollywood-style marketing that just may turn heads of consumers who might ordinarily ignore the Deus Ex franchise.

I’ve had a chance to play about the first three hours of the game, and was shocked at how polished it was even a few months out from release. The world is wonderfully detailed, and I found myself stopping to read emails on computers, look posters on walls, and more. I never do that in games.

The game will feature three difficultly levels, including a challenging “authentic” experience closer to the original game. Not one with much patience, I chose the easiest, “Tell Me a Story.” I’ve listed the three difficulty modes, along with their in-game descriptions below. Which will you choose when Deus Ex: Human Revolution ships this August?

Tell Me A Story
You play games for their story and experience, not for their challenge or competitiveness. Enjoy the Deus Ex experience!

Give Me a Challenge

You enjoy a good story and a good challenge. This is how the game is meant to be played!

Give Me Deus Ex
Hardened enemies and tougher situations will make your experience quite challenging and give you a good adrenaline rush. You are one with the machine!

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