E3: The news and trailers from all the press conferences

Along with all the new game announcements game a ton of info on games we’ve been waiting on for forever! The PlayStation Vita has a price and date, Ice-T is making a Gears of War song, WWDC 2011 revealed what’s new with the iOS 5, there’s a Gears of War limited edition Xbox 360 on the way and so much more happened. So much more!

E3 Originals:
E3: Sony press conference streams and liveblog
E3: Ubisoft press conference streams and liveblog
E3: Far Cry 3 and more revealed at Ubisoft’s conference
E3: Microsoft conference stream and liveblog
E3: Dtoid Discusses: The Microsoft Press Conference
E3: How will Sony handle the PSN issue tonight?
E3: The dynamic push initiative
E3: Destructoid talks the Microsoft press conference

E3 News:
E3: Activision’s line-up, CoD: Elite beta next month
E3: Summer of Arcade includes From Dust, Bastion, more
Nintendo Download: Just a few more hours until 3DS eShop
E3: Microsoft kicks off presser with Modern Warfare 3
E3: Tomb Raider kicks the crap out of Lara
E3: Kinect voice commands in Mass Effect 3
E3: Four EA Sports games with Kinect support in next year
E3: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Kinect controls confirmed
E3: YouTube, Bing, and live television for Xbox Live
E3: UFC Live coming to Xbox 360
E3: Gears of War 3 demoed on stage at Microsoft presser
E3: Ice-T’s Bodycount reunites for Gears of War 3 tribute
E3: Minecraft announced for Xbox 360 with Kinect support
E3: Forza 4 out October 11, monthly expansions to come
E3: Modern Warfare 3 DLC to be timed Xbox 360 exclusive
E3: Here’s what the new Xbox 360 dashboard looks like
E3: Minecraft, Halo 4 and more revealed by Microsoft
E3: Xbox Live to get cloud storage, ‘beacons’
E3: Mass Effect 3 hits on March 6, 2012
E3: Battlefield 3 out on October 25
E3: Jaffe reveals boss, stage and robots in Twisted Metal
E3: Need for Speed: The Run takes the series on foot!
Street Fighter III XBLA/PSN features YouTube sharing
E3: Battlefield 3 gets Battlelog, beta, and looks SICK
E3: EA conference kicks off with Overstrike
E3: Ubisoft wants you to learn guitar with Rocksmith
WWDC 2011: Apple updates Game Center with iOS 5
E3: No Beyond Good & Evil 2 until ‘next generation’
E3: Jack Tretton addresses PSN issues at start of show
E3: Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta dated
God of War Origins Collection brings PSP games to PS3
E3: CinemaNow coming to PlayStation 3
E3: ICO/SotC HD collection out in September in 3D!
E3: Sony pushes hard to get consumers invested in 3D
E3: LittleBigPlanet 2 gets better Move support
E3: BioShock Infinite getting PS Move support
E3: PS3 gets SSX, Need for Speed, Battlefield exclusives
E3: Move-outfitted Resistance 3 Doomsday Edition for $150
E3: Sony confirms PlayStation Vita, $249/299 pricetag
E3: InFAMOUS lead playable in Street Fighter X Tekken
E3: Large number of third parties creating games for Vita
E3: PSP hits 70 million units sold worldwide
E3: NBA 2K12 includes PlayStation Move support
Sideshow Collectibles’ Lara Croft open for pre-order
E3: Limited-edition Gears of War Xbox 360 and controllers
Play Arts Kai Master Chief up for pre-order
Nintendo 3DS update is live
E3: Virtua Tennis 4 being ported for PS Vita launch
E3: Microsoft unveils Wireless Speed Wheel for Xbox 360

E3 Media:
E3: Magicka’s PvP update rolls out on June 21
E3: Spider-man: Edge of Time trailer gets web everywhere
E3: Dead Island gets bloody new trailer, release date
E3: NeverDead teams with Megadeth for some double death
E3: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet on the show floor
E3: Opening cinematic for Star Wars: The Old Republic
E3: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning looks pretty damn great
E3: UFC Undisputed 3 teaser looks appropriately painful
E3: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike trailer looks smudgy
E3: Battlefield 3 multiplayer and Frostbite 2 trailers
E3: Assassin’s Creed Revelations trailer
E3: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine trailer gets Chaotic
E3: Mass Effect 3 trailer wants you to fear the Reapers
E3: Gotham City Impostors footage is so … weird
E3: BioShock Infinite trailer

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