E3: Kinect Sports: Season 2 all up on your voice and body

The Kinect Sports: Season 2 demo may have just birthed E3 2011’s most cringe-worthy moment, as two dudes pretended to be manly and normal as they played invisible football next to each other. I’ve always thought that voice controls were one of Kinect’s best features, and it’s great to see them implemented in so many up coming games. Playing team football with improved motion controls and newly-implemented voice controls looks fun. Doing it on stage is front of millions of people does not.

The Kinect Sports: Season 2 also has a golf mode, allowing you change your clubs with voice commands, and shift your stance in real-time. This must suck for people that just put down money for the inferior Kinect Sports, but good for the rest of us who have been holding off until developers to truly take advantage of all of the platform’s capabilities.

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