E3 2007: Sonic the Hedgehog and Golden Axe on XBLA… like NOW

While gamers will need to wait months for most of the games shown at Microsoft’s E3 conference, two titles will be available tonight (or “tomorrow,” if you’re one of those people) on Xbox Live Arcade. And not just any two titles, but Sonic the frickin Hedgehog, and Golden frickin Axe.*

Pricing and features are not available yet, but when they are, I’ll be sure to let one of the other editors update this post. I’ll be busy drop-kicking thieves beeyotch!

* “Frickin” added for emphasis and is NOT part of the actual game title, but it should be…

[Update: Both games are available for 400 MS points each with Golden Axe weighing in at 58MB, and Sonic at less than 30Mb.] 

[Update 2: Golden Axe features online co-op. Hit the jump for the complete achievement listing for both games.]

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Sonic the Hedgehog>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>