E3 09: Warriors Orochi 2 PSP gets Japanese voices!

When Warriors Orochi first came to the PSP, it was pretty much a direct port. It was still an impressive accomplishment — able to cram 90+ characters and all the maps of the console versions onto a UMD — but the only thing it had to offer fans of the game was the ability to play it on the bus. Not so with Warriors Orochi 2, which brings a few exclusive enticements to the table.

First of all, there will be four brand new characters for the PSP version of the game, Gyuki, Dodomeki, San Zang and Benkei. This makes for a staggering 96 characters, which is the largest roster of any Warriors game. The PSP version will feature better multiplayer options, with a 2-player Versus mode and co-op play across Story, Free and Dream mode. Speaking of Dream mode, there are 12 brand new stages. 

You’ll be able to install the game to the PSP’s memory stick, making for fast loading times, and the draw distance is improved over the original Warriors Orochi. However, the most important feature is the fact that Warriors Orochi 2 PSP will include an optional Japanese voice track! Alternate localizations have not been in a DW since, I think, Dynasty Warriors 3. This is sure to please many people. 

Sounds like the PSP version is going to be a most worthy purchase for Warriors fans. 


Jim Sterling