E3 09: Sin & Punishment 2 trailer is kinda what you’d expect

Save for the fact that the protagonists appear to be a couple of eight year olds who got lost on their way to the daycare center, this trailer for Sin & Punishment 2 has no real surprises to offer. Granted, that may not be a bad thing: the original game was fantastic apart from its intensely awkward control scheme, and one would imagine that this upcoming Wii sequel will alleviate those problems.

Apart from that, the game still looks to be more or less on-rails, still mixes melee combat with hectic gunplay, and is still full of lots of goddamned explosions. Even if the only change ends up being that you won’t have to use eight hundred different buttons just to move around and shoot, I’ll still be happy.

But anyway, what do you think?

Anthony Burch