E3 09: Final Fantasy VII coming to the PSN! Finally!

When Final Fantasy VII was announced for release on the Japanese PSN store, I actually went and logged in to the store to have a look. I was reduced to a blubbering pile of mush to find the main page of the shop redone with the legendary image of Cloud standing in front of a towering Midgar. I considered downloading it despite the fact my Japanese reading skills aren’t up to par just yet — I wanted it so bad!

In today’s Sony press conference (liveblog still going here), they announced that fifty classic games will be rereleased on the PSN this year, starting off with Final Fantasy VII (which we already thought was coming, but still, I was happy to see it). No word on pricing yet, but like that matters — people will be foaming at the mouth to buy the game even if they already own multiple copies. Feel free to go into the comments and tell me how Sony is manipulating me by making me rebuy the same game. I am totally aware of it, and I have no problem with that whatsoever. All I can say is, HELL YEAH!

[Update: The price was confirmed this evening at $9.99. It’s available now — go get it!]

Colette Bennett