E3 09: DiRT 2 gets a sexy new teaser trailer

The original Colin McRae: DiRT (or simply DiRT here in the states) was a good looking game, wouldn’t you say? Based on the latest teaser trailer for DiRT 2, it looks as if Codemasters is using that same magic to bring even more realism to off-road racing videogames.

Since the theme here is that of bigger and better, lets talk numbers for a minute. DiRT 2 has the music stylings of 40 different bands, 100 events, 9 international locations, and 50 drivers. Yes sir, someone’s been hard at work lately.

Oh, and while you’re here, check out the box art too. I’m the type who could usually care less about what my games’ cover art looks like, because for the most part I just cram them into my shelve, but DiRT 2 looks pretty rad. Love the color scheme!

Jordan Devore
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