E3 09: Alan Wake confirmed for Spring 2010, has gameplay

Alan Wake has finally broken its lengthy vow of silence and put in an appearance at E3, by way of Microsoft’s press conference. During a live demo of the game, Remedy finally showed off what this mysterious title is all about, shedding some light on a game that has existed as little more than a name and a premise until now. They even gave us a release window, too. How nice.

The game is set up with TV show-style “previously on” introductions, very much like the episodic stages of Eden’s Alone in the Dark, with Alan Wake himself narrating the story while trudging in the darkness with a flashlight. The title is third-person, and he is shown being attacked by strange flying objects in a very atmospheric and scary setting. Then the real sh*t throws down, with a scary axe-wielding bastards getting all up in Wake’s face. They’re destroyed with some third-person shooting action. 

As well as combat, Alan Wake features Quick-Time-Events. A QTE was shown in the demo, with Wake having to start a generator to progress. Then it was more axe dudes, some incredible lighting effects, and a huge truck slamming into the side of a cabin to end that particular “episode.” The game is also scheduled for Spring 2010. 

There you have it, Alan Wake is a third-person scare-fest with shooting and QTEs. Check out our liveblog for all the hotness from Microsoft’s E3 press conference. 

Jim Sterling