E3 08: SPRay interview with Tecmo

Here’s a quick interview/hands-on with Tecmo on their upcoming Wii title SPRay. The game looks and plays like Zelda, but with some unique elements that give it a Boogerman twist. Disgusting fluids flow like wine in this title. Vomit reveals secret walkways, snot can be stuck to walls to form footholds, and “anti-matter” (euphemism for poop?) is used for some devastating attacks. 

To counterbalance all that weirdness, SPRay features many Zelda gameplay mainstays. Dungeon crawling, sword play, item collection, and boss fights are all present, only with less hookshot and more vomit. If this early build is an indication, SPRay will be one of the more original and surprising Zelda clones to see release in many years. Nintendo may have dropped the ball with their decidedly un-hardcore ’08 line up, but that gives games like SPRay a much better chance at succeess. 

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