E3 08: Peter Molyneux takes us through Fable 2, reveals October release date

Never before has bird feces looked so magnificent. I had heard stories about Fable 2‘s opening sequence a while back, but my feeble mind couldn’t comprehend how great it would actually end up being.

Hit the jump to see Peter Molyneux demo Fable 2‘s co-op system, which is looking rather sharp. While playing the game’s single-player mode, you’ll see flying orbs travel across the land which represent your friends that are playing Fable 2.

At the press of a button, your friend will transform from an orb to his/her unique character and co-op will commence, completely eliminating the need for an in-game lobby. Amazing, isn’t it?

The main focus of the video is how your Fable 2 experience will differ from everyone else’s, and that thought alone has boosted my anticipation for the game.

Jordan Devore
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