E3 08: New XBLA titles: Portal, Galaga Legions, and Uno Rush

Gears of War 2, Lips, Fable 2, Final Fantasy XIII, and Fallout 3 all graced the stage this year at Microsoft’s press conference. Although all of the above will probably be excellent additions to anyone’s library, it’s important to remember the little guys. As in, the downloadable little guys. Microsoft also announced six XBLA titles available for consumption this year, with the most notorious title being Portal: Still Alive.

Portal: Still Alive is set to hit XBLA this fall. The teaser of the game confirmed new “test chambers” as well as exclusivity to the XBLA platform. It looks as though Still Alive will probably be an expansion of the original game that we have come to love. More importantly, Achievements are confirmed! We will definitely make sure to keep you updated as an enhanced explanation of the game elements rolls in.

It seems like another classic series is going to get a critical reboot. Namco-Bandai is behind the wheel of the sequel to the beloved Galaga, Galaga Legions. Judging from the trailer, it looks like this is going to be the new space-busting experience we have been waiting for. Especially when you consider that this is the same team that recessitated the Pac-Man franchise with Pac-Man Championship Edition. Galaga Legions has a very streamlined Geometry Wars look, but the enemies now swirl within true 3D space. Unfortunately, it looks like your ship is still plastered to the same plane. Galaga Legions will be out next month.

Uno Rush is going to be the flag-carrier for the freshly announced “Live party” system. It will include the usage of Avatars, as well as the new private chat system. The game appears to be the same XBLA Uno we have come to know and love, despite the crazy people that show their mug on the camera. Speaking of which, Xbox Live Vision support has been confirmed for the new version. As for the multiplayer component of Uno Rush, two-player co-op will be available, along with the opportunity to win real prizes like Microsoft points and accessories.

Hit the break for the three teasers and look below for a batch of screenshots. Give me an idea of what you think. Are these the kinds of games that you want to see from XBLA? Are you finding yourself humming the “Cake is a Lie” already?







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