E3 08: New RE 5 trailer: ‘You’re just in time for the fireworks show! BOOM!!!’

This new trailer for Resident Evil 5 brings me tears of joy. It’s so wonderful to see that Capcom is continuing the tradition of bad voice acting in their Resident Evil franchise.

Beyond the horrible voice acting presented by Mr. Fireworks, we get to see an assortment of new baddies in Resident Evil 5. Some of which include a El Gigante looking creature, a creature that reminds me of the Leech monster human forms from Resident Evil 0, and a guy with a giant hammer that likes to smash in nuts. Also, Las Plagas dirt bike riding monsters!

This trailer, along with the earlier footage of the new online co-op footage for Resident Evil 5 really makes this game look like they’re using almost the exact same formula from Resident Evil 4. Granted, that’s not a bad thing at all. Why mess with a good thing? What do you all think?

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