E3 08: New PSN titles: Rag Doll Kung Fu, PAIN: Amusement Park and PixelJunk Eden

Like I did in my last post, I’ll once again be dishing out the details on a few more PlayStation Network titles that were shown during E3 08.

Let’s start it off with Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic. Developed by Tarsier Studios, it is, in fact, based upon the original RDKF. You and three other ragdolls will be able to beat the crap out of each other online and off, in addition to unlocking trophies and assets for further character customization.

Did you enjoy PAIN? Well I hope you aren’t reading this while balancing boiling water over your head, because an expansion pack is coming out soon and I wouldn’t want you to inadvertently burn yourself from all the excitement.

PAIN: Amusement Park ($5.99) contains a couple of new modes: “HOT n COLD” (find the hidden teddy bear through clues), “Clown Toss” (a remix of “Mime Toss”), “Fun with Explosives” (4-player: detonate as many explosives as possible), “Trauma” (multiplayer: cause yourself the most pain), and “Call the Shot” (multiplayer: choose objects to hit in a single launch).

Lastly, there’s PixelJunk Eden, which you’ve probably heard about before. Basically, you play as this little creature that swings from plant to plant while destroying enemies and collecting things before the timer runs out. It’s worth noting that rumble, PSP Remote Play, and trophies are all supported, as well as co-op for you and two others.

Do any of these games sound appealing to you?