E3 08: Audio of roundtable with SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton

Sony was kind enough to invite us to a small roundtable discussion with Sony Computer Entertainment of America President and CEO, Jack Tretton.

The guy, apparently, is pretty important. Following yesterday’s press conference — which was hosted by Tretton — it stands to reason that the press had a few questions. Tretton was pretty forthcoming and candid in the laid back roundtable.

Some highlights include: 

  • How did Sony react to the Final Fantasy XIII 360 announcement? (“Am I disappointed by it? Yeah. Am I surprised? No.”)
  • Are Sony feeling pressure to deliver Home after Microsoft’s avatars announcement?
  • What’s the hold up with Home?
  • The PlayStation 3 as a media center versus a gaming console. (“[We] can’t deny [Sony’s] heritage by painting it only as a game machine,” he said.)
  • Is there an opportunity to turn consumers who purchased for Blu-ray into gamers?
  • Digital rights management and the PlayStation video store.
  • Does the movie store effectively kill off the UMD? (“I certainly hope not.”)
  • Have Sony thought about a hard drive or storage space solution for future iterations of the PSP?
  • The discrepancy between PSP hardware sales and software sales. (Tretton cites piracy as one of three reasons.)
  • Why no mention of Killzone 2 at the press conference?
  • Being “Indian givers” regarding PS2 backwards compatibility on the PS3. (“You can stack [the two systems] on top of each other if you really want to,” he joked, mentioning that the price point of both consoles today equals the cost of a launch PS3.)

Crank up your speakers and download the entire session a-la-podcast from our media server.

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