Dynasty Warriors 7: Cao Pi, Sun Jian, Guan Yu and more!

The latest character reveals for Dynasty Warriors 7 have been splooged online for our viewing pleasure, giving us a quick look at some redesigned classics. Sun Jian, Cao Pi, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Guan Ping and fatty-boom-boom Xu Zhu have all been revealed. 

In addition to the old’uns, we also get an all-new character, Guan Suo. He’s the fictional son of Guan Yu, invented for the classical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In Dynasty Warriors 7, he has a flower in his hair. No idea what’s up with that. 

Of all the reveals this week, I have to pick Sun Jian as my favorite. I dug the way they portrayed him in Dynasty Warriors 6, and now they’ve simply made him more badass. Digging it!

[Via Koei Warriors]

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