Dying Light’s Legendary Levels aim to keep you playing forever

Until the light (sun) dies

Techland is doing their damnedest to make sure they’re on your radar for most improved developer. Most people weren’t happy with Dead Island (fun co-op romp, though!), but their continued support of Dying Light and willingness to have fun and break the fourth wall has earned them quite a bit of goodwill. I’m excited to jump back in with The Following next February.

In this new video, lead game designer Maciej Binkowski (who I interviewed at PSX, and should probably write about) details the new legendary level system. After maxing out a skill tree, you gain access to the Legend tree, where you can continue to boost your stats for an additional 250 levels. Every 25, you’ll get new weapons and outfits. I can dig it. Remember, even if you don’t purchase The Following, you’ll have access to these new features so long as you own the base game.

Zack Furniss