Dungeons 2 is free right now on the Humble Store

They’re building up that fan base before the next game

If you happen to be in the dungeon-building mood, 2015’s Dungeons 2 is currently free through the Humble Store. Considering it goes for $30 these days, that’s worth a glance at the very least.

Nic reviewed the game for us, and… he wasn’t all that into it. “If Dungeons 2 was just a competent dungeon builder held back by a few technical bugs and some bad interface design, it might be something worth checking out. As a dungeon builder horrifically Frankensteined to one of the lamest RTS experiences I’ve played in years, its an unfortunate monstrosity that should be safely avoided.”

That said, you might find those design choices more tolerable, especially since it’s free.

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