Duh: Halo 6 is in development, according to developer 343

In the planning phases

Oh hey, Halo 5 isn’t out yet, and it looks like Halo 6 is in development.

This is probably surprising to no one, since this is how the AAA cycle is handled these days, though it’s always interesting to hear an exact confirmation so you know what to expect. After all, there isn’t a Fable 4 actively in development, so anything can happen.

In terms of where they’re at, director Frank O’Connor has noted that they are doing “serious planning and even some writing,” so it’s not super far along yet. I’m still curious as to how Halo 5 will turn out.

343 has started on Halo 6 and knows “what’s going to happen 10 years from now” [GamesRadar]

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