Dtoid Live: Holy crap Sega just came over

Update – Sega community manager Fabian Doehla just crashed our HQ.  Hit the chat if you have any questions for him.  We’re talking about Yakuza 6, Shenmue 8, and rumors about the new console.  He also showed up with a bookbag full of games to give away.  Hell yeah!

Also, here’s who won the contest: cpe007, pantsonthe, rozza_stompa, dreadjester, tehdoughboy, mysteryman01, bobthecatlol, destroyertz, greenfire123 and superdrybones.

This week, Destructoid Live will be giving away something every day! Yay! We kick off the week of giving on today’s show with Sonic the Hedgehog 4 for Xbox Live Arcade. Yes, the classic Sega game was re-released and you’ll be able to win one of the ten codes we have to give out on the live stream.

You’ll have to watch the stream in order to find out how you’ll be able to win starting at 4PM Pacific today. Follow us on Justin.TV so you don’t miss out!

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