Disney Dreamlight Valley adds Disney’s Encanto and Olaf on February 16

Dreamlight Valley February Update

And you can talk about Bruno all you want

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Following a week where several live service titles announced the plans to shut down this year, it’s nice to be reminded that not all games of the sort are following this trend. Such is the case with Disney Dreamlight Valley. Admittedly, I bounced off it pretty quickly after it launched into early access. But over the past several days, I’ve found it creeping back into my gaming rotation. The game had a pretty eventful 2022 with a successful launch across all platforms. Looking at the road map that was recently revealed by Gameloft, there will be plenty of reasons to keep playing in 2023.

The game’s next major update will launch on February 16. Dubbed “A Festival of Friendship,” the Dreamlight Valley February update will add Olaf from Frozen and the exceptionally unexceptional Mirabel and her Mini-Casita from Encanto. The update will also include a new Star Path intended to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Walt Disney Company. Fingers crossed we get some gorgeous Steamboat Willie content soon to help celebrate.

Following the February update, the next major planned addition to Disney Dreamlight Valley will include a new realm, new characters–Simba from The Lion King is teased–and a Star Path celebrating Disney parks. That latter addition has me extremely interested as, according to Polygon, the update will allow you to decorate your valley with things from the Disney parks. Beyond that, Gameloft promises more story content, characters, clothing options, furniture, and multiplayer.

Dreamlight Valley 2023 Roadmap
Image from Disney Dreamlight Valley

As a reminder, Disney Dreamlight Valley is still in paid early access with the entry fee starting at $29.99. It’s also available as part of Xbox Game Pass. The game will exit early access as a free-to-play game later this year. Hopefully, this is one live service title I won’t be writing an obituary for a year from now.

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