Dragon’s Lair headed to the Nintendo DS this fall

This fall, Dragon’s Lair will now be playable on the toilet using the Nintendo DS. Destineer has announced that it will be bringing the game to Nintendo’s console due to “a flood of emails demanding the game be released on the DS system.” Really.

From what it sounds like, it’s what you’d expect — Dragon’s Lair on the DS. It will feature the same timing-based gameplay of the original in two formats — “Arcade Mode” and “Home Mode.” In “Arcade Mode,” all of the scenes present in the stand-up cabinet version of the game will be accounted for. In “Home Mode,” expect to find all of the scenes that were added to the laserdisc version.

Dragon’s Lair
for Nintendo DS will run you $19.99 when it’s released. Dragon’s Lair Trilogy (which features Dragon’s Lair, its sequel, as well as Space Ace) is now available on the Wii for $29.99.

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