Ulrika romance scene in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Dragon’s Dogma 2 romance and NPC guide, including gift tips and character options

Get a front row to the new hit Arisen dating show.

There’s nothing like a pleasant, romantic stroll with that special someone—unless a horde of goblins decides to rudely interrupt it. Regardless, the romance options in Dragon’s Dogma 2 bring a sense of peace to this dangerous world, at least for a moment. However, the abundance of choices in the game can make it somewhat challenging to comprehend how the dating world works.

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How does Romance work in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Romance takes shape when providing gifts or completing certain quests. However, not all Affinities produce romance options. It could also be tied to individual preferences they may have, ultimately staying within a friendly basis.

Since the concept of love isn’t explicitly clear in the game, our interpretation of romance in Dragon’s Dogma 2 involves a steamy scene or a kiss. After I completed a series of character-specific quests, it ended in a smooch on the lips, and they appeared at my house in Vernworth shortly after. So, return to your home to see if they want a nice stroll together.

It should also be mentioned that if you deny or don’t complete this walk request, they might not show up at your house again. On the other hand, players can try to approach them directly to trigger it. Unfortunately, there’s also a point of no return for some Dragon’s Dogma 2 love interests, and that point isn’t always the same.

Ulrika in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Another peculiar thing I’ve noticed is that the romance option may blush at the sight of you, as shown in the image above. It’s an adorable little detail that makes the experience all the more worth it.

While it isn’t precisely “romance,” the Bordelrie gives you a shot at love in a temporary sense. It does come at the price of a ton of gold, though, but at least you won’t be lonely for the night. If someone judges you for this romantic exchange, just tell them you did it for the buffs.

How to raise your Affinity with romanceable NPCs in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To raise Affinity with a romance option in Dragon’s Dogma 2, speak to them to trigger the gift option. It’s hard to see, but the interaction is shown in the bottom-right corner when hailing them over.

Gift giving in Dragon's Dogma 2
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If unsure about which items to give them, go to the menu’s History tab and open the NPC Logbook. Various character preferences are found here under the ‘Likes’ section.

NPC gift likes in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Fortunately, most giftable items will indicate that this object is specifically for these interactions. For example, the Bunch of Flowers is easy to go with, as it helps raise your bond with a character. Those who have reached the maximum Affinity should get a gift from them to commemorate their relationship.

It should also lead to escort missions that could be considered more or less a date, just with a touch of violence. You’ll see a yellow waypoint on the map anytime they are available. In particular, Lennart may ask to be escorted to a specific area once he’s in Harve Village.

Notable Dragon’s Dogma 2 characters you can romance

While our list is in flux, we’re keeping things up to date for folks tracking the most notable Dragon’s Dogma 2 characters you can smooch. So keep checking back as the kiss-and-tell list grows longer.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 romanceable characters:

Almost everyone is romanceable in Dragon’s Dogma 2, but at the time of writing, we’ve only confirmed romance scenes for NPCs like Wilhelmina and Ulrika or those listed above. These individuals require the completion of character-specific quests, including the Every Rose Has Its Thorns quest for Wilhelmina and the Home Is Where the Hearth Is mission for Ulrika.

Wilhelmina and Ulrika also favor Adorable and Beautiful items if you want to increase their Affinity. Sometimes, NPCs may give you a gift without a steamy moment. We’ve seen this with Lennart after he gave us a bouquet of flowers. Considering this, you could also take that as a romantic gesture; it all depends on how you view it. More major NPCs will likely be included, so we’ll be sure to update this guide once we dive more into the game.

Are there any notable male romance options in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

At the time of writing, Dragon’s Dogma 2 does not seem to have any notable male romance options. That means none of them have a cutscene, unlike Wilhelmina and Ulrika. Many players have tried out this feature with several characters, including Glyndwr and Lennart, but it doesn’t go anywhere romance-wise. On the other hand, some users have noticed that Glyndwr tends to blush, similar to what I’ve seen with Ulrika, so there could be something more on that front.

I’ve played up until the end stages of the game and have yet to find any male romance options. The best you can do is raise their Affinity for the escort quests and imagine your life together on these walks. However, things could change as the community familiarizes themselves with the game or if Capcom decides to add a new romance patch.

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