Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is adding a time machine in a free update so you can go back to quests you missed

Cute idea

In true Bandai Namco fashion, it seems like Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is going to get a lot of free and paid DLC over the course of its lifetime. In addition to the $24.99 season pass, Kakarot is also hosting free updates, the first of which has been revealed by the publisher just this week.

As stated on Twitter, the patch will include a new subquest for Gatchan and Arale, which will grant you access to a time machine: a device that not only has great significance in the Dragon Ball universe, but will also enable a new mechanic. According to Bandai Namco, the time machine, once unlocked, allows players to go back to previous arcs and finish old subquests: think of it like a chapter select.

This kind of goofiness and functionality is perfect for a game like Kakarot. The game is fairly huge so a concept like this is a welcome one, but it also fits within the confines of the universe itself.

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