Dragon Ball returns to Fortnite, along with a much-needed weekly quest change

Things are back to the old way

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Epic Games has unveiled their full plans for the return of the Dragon Ball Z franchise in Fortnite, and the fairly big content patch is live now.

On top of the return of the Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud items (as well as the capsules that deliver them), we’re also getting Gohan and Piccolo. Here’s a full breakdown, as well as a brief overview of a very welcome weekly quest change.

Here is all the 2023 Dragon Ball stuff that was added to Fortnite

Both Gohan and Piccolo were added in as premium outfits (characters), which you can buy with V-Bucks.

Gohan Outfit

  • Gohan’s Cape Back Bling – A gift from Piccolo to inspire him to return to training. (Included with the Son Gohan Outfit. Can only be used with this Outfit.)
  • Gohan’s Beast Axe Pickaxe – Go beyond ultimate!
    • Reactive — surges with lightning upon hitting Weak Points.
  • Capsule No. 576 Glider – Property of Capsule Corporation.

Piccolo Outfit

  • Piccolo’s Cape and Turban Back Bling – Cape and turban that Piccolo can put on and take off with his demon power. (Included with the Piccolo Outfit. Can only be used with this Outfit.)
  • Piccolo’s Demon Symbol Back Bling – The mark that Piccolo used to wear. (Included with the Piccolo Outfit.)
  • Piccolo’s Handheld House Pickaxe – Piccolo’s unique shell-like house.
  • Red Ribbon Army Aircraft Glider – Property of Red Ribbon Army.

You can also once again access the Dragon Ball Adventure Island area (through code 5642-8525-5429), which will earn you Orange Piccolo and Gohan Beast Sprays.

Five more Reality Augments were added too

  • Rift-Jector Seat (anytime your shield breaks, you’ll rift into the sky after a short delay)
  • Shadow Striker (Become able to get Shadow Bombs from containers)
  • Icy Slide (Get a brief icy speed boost after sliding)
  • Harvester (Foliage you destroy will drop Big Bush Bombs and forageables. Also increases the effectiveness of eating forageables)
  • Mythic Ammunition (Obtain a Mythic Pistol)

Most importantly, Epic Games dropped the weekly quest FOMO timer

As of this season, Epic Games made a number of changes to the quest system, much to the chagrin of the playerbase. Arguably the biggest alteration was the addition of adding timers to weekly quests: forcing players to “earn them or lose them” during a certain timeframe. That’s changed.

Here’s the full rundown from Epic games:

“From v23.30 and onwards, Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 1 Weekly Quests will no longer expire after a week. They will remain until the end of Season, meaning players can complete a set of Weekly Quests anytime until Chapter 4 Season 1’s end date.”

In short, from today until the end of the season, you can finish weekly quests at your leisure. It took long enough! Hopefully the next season has this system implemented day one.

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