Dragon Ball Card Warriors

Dragon Ball Card Warriors will come after the Kakarot Switch launch

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‘Coming this autumn’

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Remember when people found evidence of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot coming to Switch, and Bandai Namco denied it? Then it was promptly announced for Switch a few months after? Good times.

Well it definitely does exist, and the publisher has reconfirmed its launch date of September 24 for the Switch platform. Note that the title of the game is Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot + A New Power Awakens Set, denoting the DLC that will be available at launch.

What won’t be ready for launch however is the Dragon Ball Card Warriors expansion, which was doled out as a free update for the prior versions of the game. Buried at the end of the new trailer below was a notice, stating that it was “coming this autumn for Nintendo Switch.”

If you’ve never seen this glorious little card minigame before, take a look at the video below and get acquainted.

Dragon Ball Card Warriors is a fully-fledged card game buried within Kakarot, and could have been a standalone download release in another universe. The above overview is actually a perfect introduction, and shows how deep this well goes for a mode that was added as free DLC. It even has two forms of ranked play!

I actually think this might be a Trojan Horse for a future standalone. All of the characters in Card Warriors are evergreen, and Dragon Ball fans will get this the time of day no matter when it’s released. I just hope that if Bandai Namco does go down that road, it isn’t a monkey’s paw situation. No gacha or random paid packs please!

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