Dragon Age will ‘Return to Ostagar’ at a later date

Brad Nicholson would have written this story but he was too busy. Doing what, you say? Well, it wasn’t crying, I can assure you. It was something really manly, like bench pressing live tigers or opening a jar of olives for Satan because he’s too much of a pussy. Yeah, it’s totally not because he was weeping. 

Over on the Bioware message boards, Chris Priestly broke the news that the “Return to Ostagar” DLC expansion for Dragon Age: Origins, expected to be released today, has been delayed. No reason was given for this delay, nor has any timeframe been revealed as to when we might expect its arrival. In addition, there has been no word on whether or not this affects the title update which was to release alongside it.

If you were all set to download it first thing this morning, don’t cry. It will come. Or, if you must cry, do it for Brad. Because he can’t. The legends say that he punched out his own tear ducts.

We’ll bring you any further news when we hear it.

Return to Ostagar Delayed [Bioware Forums via Xbox360Achievements]

Conrad Zimmerman