Celebrate Dragon Age Day with this new teaser for Dreadwolf

dragon age absolution teaser trailer day

(Well, a little belatedly, at least)

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Yesterday, December 4 might have seemed like any other day, but lo, it was, in fact, Dragon Age Day, and to celebrate the beloved fantasy RPG franchise, Electronic Arts released a new teaser trailer for its long-in-development, long-time-coming sequel Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

The cinematic preview, unfortunately, offers not a dot of gameplay footage, and in fact only runs a scant 60 seconds in length, (truly you are spoiling us). Still, it does give fans something of a re-introduction to the mysterious and wise mage, Solas, also known by his pseudonym of Fen’Harel — The Dreadwolf. Legend tells of a cataclysmic battle that saw Solas seal away both the Creators and The Forgotten Ones, preventing both all-powerful beings from ever again becoming involved in mortal events.

This event was known as The Great Betrayal.

Having all but vanished from existence since performing this almighty deed, it seems that Solas has returned, with a plan to break the seals and wreak chaos and destruction among the worlds. According to the dwarf warrior Varric Tethras, who narrates this preview, it will be up to the player’s party to stop The Dreadwolf and prevent this frightening act of annihilation from ever coming to pass.

The new trailer is probably a little underwhelming to those fans who might have been expecting a little more for this year’s DA Day, but it looks like the waiting with have to continue a little longer as developer BioWare continues its work on the epic sequel. Additionally, it is worth remembering that this week sees the arrival of the new animated series Dragon Age: Absolution, which will premiere on Netflix from December 9.

Dragon Age Dreadwolf is currently in development at BioWare.

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