Downwell creator teams up with Netflix for Poinpy, a game about going up

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Play it on iOS or Android with a Netflix account

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They did it! They finally got me to play a Netflix-backed video game. That’s the allure of something new from Ojiro Fumoto, the creator of Downwell. The designer’s last game was about strategically plummeting, and this new one, Poinpy, is about going up, up, up.

If this is your first time, here’s how it works: you can download Poinpy as a standalone app on Android or iOS, but to play it, you’ll need a Netflix subscription (or someone’s login). After launching the game, it’ll ask you to sign into Netflix — and even choose your individual profile if you’re sharing your sub — before playing. In other words, it’s a self-contained experience and you don’t even need the main Netflix app on your mobile device.

As the trailer shows, the idea is to flick your character upwards with a bit of a time crunch to keep the pressure on. You’ll try to avoid accidentally colliding with foes while collecting certain combinations of fruit and climbing ever higher until your run comes crashing down and you go again. Much like Downwell, this quick-on-your-feet game is about being in the right place at the right time to keep your momentum flowing seamlessly without snags.

It’s super vibrant, and while they look pretty different aesthetically speaking, Poinpy and Downwell feel like they belong on the same family tree. It’s tricky! I’m not great at it.

Fumoto partnered with Netflix Games and Devolver Digital, and maybe if we’re lucky we’ll see Poinpy eventually land on other platforms. For now, though, this really feels like a game that was designed for touch controls. I’m sure it could work elsewhere just fine — and that’d be cool — but if you’ve got a Netflix account handy, give it a shot.

Heh, “Poinpy.” Cute lil name.

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