Double the cash/RP in GTA Online this week

More double offers headed your way

According to our friends at VG24/7, Rockstar is running another double cash and RP promotion for all Versus Missions in GTA Online over the next week. 

This is reportedly in addition to the recent double cash/RP deal that expired yesterday. 

For those of you with empty aircraft hangers, are also discounts on aircraft like the Annihilator, Valkyrie, Buzzard and Savage helicopters, and private jets including that solid gold Luxor Deluxe which just screams modesty and class.

And that’s not all. If you need a rocket launcher or two, the homing launcher’s discounted, along with the ammo you need to go with it. 

As yet I can’t confirm or deny this as Rockstar has yet to formally report on it, but – as always – I’ll keep you posted. ‘Cos I’m nice like that.

If you thought the hype around Grand Theft Auto V – and specifically, the multiplayer component GTA Online – was over, think again. Addressing an earnings briefing, CEO of Rockstar’s publisher Take-Two said that even two years on, players continued to be “highly engaged” with the multiplayer game.


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