Doom’s post-launch DLC detailed, includes $40 season pass


Doom, a game that is five weeks from release, has at least $45 worth of post-launch content planned. Never mind the fact that we don’t have any idea if Doom will actually be any good. If you’re buyin’, they’re sellin’. The cart is in front of the horse, Bethesda.

In a press release issued this morning, Bethesda outlined its plans for Doom DLC. Three “premium multiplayer packs” will arrive in the months following launch. The first one is scheduled for the summer and includes: three maps, one weapon, one playable demon, one armor set, one piece of equipment, new hack modules and taunts, and new customization colors and patterns. Each multiplayer pack will be $14.99.

Predictably, all this DLC comes bundled via a season pass. Hypothetically, anyone can secure the rights to all three multiplayer packs for $40 — a $5 savings. This is a hypothetical because no one should actually do it. You know better by now.

It’s not all bad, though. Bethesda also reiterated (it was actually announced in late February) that it’s supporting user-created content via SnapMap — Doom‘s game and level editor. All of this will be free, and developer id will continually add to the tools that are available to creators. Also, id will release new multiplayer modes for Doom that will be free for all.

But, again, we’re approaching this all out of order. Doom has to actually be a good game before we concern ourselves with supplemental content. While it’s not the final release, we’ll get another glimpse at the multiplayer soon enough. Bethesda revealed that an open multiplayer beta will take place from April 15 through April 17 on all platforms. Let’s start there and take it one step at a time, okay?

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