Doom 4 used to look nothing like Doom

So this is why it’s taken so long

Ahead of its full reveal next month, Bethesda let out a couple seconds of footage for the new Doom. It looks cool to the extent that a snippet like this can look cool. Also, crucially, the footage is evocative of the series. That wasn’t the case for the game prior to id Software starting over and trying again.

More images from the old, dead version of Doom 4 surfaced today on Doomworld and they look straight out of Call of Duty, or Rage, or anything but Doom, basically. Totally generic.

Those quotes about how past versions of the game lacked a soul were dead on, it turns out. Here’s hoping all the warm, fuzzy, super-positive tweets out of QuakeCon are just as accurate.

We gotta figure out what those Russians are doing [Doomworld]

Jordan Devore
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