Doods: NIS America is publishing Prinny

Being an incorrigible cynic, I had already written Prinny: Ore ga Shujinkou de Iinsuka? off as Japan-only fan service. Thankfully, the fine doods over at SiliconEra have proven me wrong, and given me a renewed hope in humanity: It seems like NIS America will be publishing the Prinny-centric 2D action game

Jack Niida, the Marketing Manager for Nippon Ichi Software America, confirmed Prinny’s stateside debut in a recent interview, adding that the game will be difficult:

Yes, NIS America will publish the Prinny action game. We haven’t figured when it will come out just yet, but look forward to it. So far, the hard mode on that game is one of the most challenging action games ever made. 

For those of you in the dark, Prinnies are the emblematic penguin-esque denizens of the Disgaea universe. When people die, they are sometimes sewn into Prinny bodies and reincarnated, living out the after-life as slaves, soldiers, and merchants until they can be redeemed. Prinnies also happen to explode when thrown, which is as macabre as it is amusing.

Furthermore, NIS is making a Prinny-themed 2D action game for the PSP that revolves largely around retrieving some lost desserts. The title roughly translates to Prinny: Is it Ok if I’m the Protagonist?

Hopefully, Japanese publishers will begin to realize that there’s a small, but marketable, group of filthy* weeaboos over here that would be more than happy to save some of their pocky money to buy games. You hear me, Capcom?

[Via SiliconEra]

* Just kidding.

Joseph Leray