Don’t ‘worry,’ Call of Duty isn’t going anywhere

Oh boy!

Call of Duty was once a well respected franchise — at least, more than it is now. It may have borrowed heavily from Hollywood to create scenarios that glorified war, but the games were trailblazers for mechanics that nearly every shooter still uses. Sadly, the common consensus for many people is that the well was run dry and Activision needs to stop making these titles.

I’m sorry to disappoint, but Call of Duty isn’t going anywhere. In an interview about console gaming and the future of the market, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick was asked what would possibly happen with Call of Duty should consoles cease to be. He responded:

“We’ve had Call of Duty games played on virtually every console for the last 14 years. So the idea of having a game that centers around armed conflict through history…you never run out of ideas for Call of Duty games. There will always be Call of Duty games. And they’ll be played on a variety of devices.”

So fear not, loyal readers; Call of Duty will be around when you become old, decrepit and bitter inside. Instead of yelling at kids to get off your lawn, you’ll be shouting at them through an Xbox headset about how modern gaming is awful.

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