Don’t throw this ceramic Switch the next time you get mad online

ceramic Switch

This brings me back to my elementary school art class days

We’ve seen intrepid artists mock up new interfaces for the Switch time and time again, but what about physical representations of the console? It’s definitely a rarer sight! That’s why I had to share this wonderful ceramic Nintendo Switch recreation.

Crafted by sataninmysoul on Reddit, the ceramic Switch is a spot-on version of the real thing, even down to the coloration, and the measurements. They even give folks tips if they want to pick up a new hobby at home:

“Take all your reclaim and put it in a bucket, add a bit of water. Take a drill, buy a paint mixer attachment (10 bucks at Home Depot) and mix the shit out of it. If its still a bit “chunky” or has bunch of little balls, let it sit for a day then mix again, it should be smooth like peanut butter or even more viscous. The next part: buy yourself some potters plaster, trust me its a mandatory tool once you discover its power. Make yourself a  two foot by two foot plaster board. Scoop up your peanut butter reclaim (good for slip at this point) and spread it out on your plaster board. Let it hang out for a day. Check on it. The way I find if its done is if I can pick it up in one giant sheet of clay its dry enough to wedge. Ill take this clay, wedge, and go straight to the wheel with it”

They muse on the idea of creating a ceramic GameCube next, and I say bring it on.

Of course, just looking at this makes me nervous. I can hear the crack of the clay over and over: like an endless loop just gazing at this ceramic Nintendo Switch. I can’t tell you how much anxiety working with clay gives me, dating back to my childhood years. Shoutout to all of the hard-working elementary art school teachers who pushed for/brought their own kiln!

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