Don’t think any Crackdown 2 news is coming, folks

Hopeful readers may have convinced themselves that the launch of a brand new Crackdown NXE theme could herald the arrival of a sequel to one of the Xbox 360’s most empowering and amusing games. Unfortunately, Microsoft has denied that any such news is forthcoming, so you can put away your dreams of punting lorries into people’s faces for now.

“We are always looking for new ways for fans to connect with their favorite games, including the award-winning Crackdown, and thus we created the new theme pack,” stated an MS rep to OXM. “But as far as future or potential projects go, we have nothing to confirm or announce at this time.”

Sorry folks, no Crackdown 2 just yet. Still, we can keep our fingers crossed, because Microsoft would be bloody stupid not to release a sequel to that incredibly popular game.

Jim Sterling