Don’t Starve Together and Terraria team up for boss crossovers

Terraria's Eye of Cthulhu boss in Don't Starve Together

The Eye of Cthulhu and Deerclops are trading places, and they suit their new surroundings

Not that we need a reason for two popular, long-running games to team up, but there’s something about Don’t Starve melding with Terraria that feels on-brand for both titles.

This week, Re-Logic reiterated that it’s not completely done with Terraria, as there’s “some Steam Deck optimization-focused stuff” to get through, which is apparently “going quite well.” In a pleasant surprise, the developers also teased a piece of crossover content with Don’t Starve Together. There’s a short gif with the Eye of Cthulhu, an iconic Terraria boss, peering down at Wilson in the oh-so-hostile world of Don’t Starve Together.

Re-Logic slightly elaborated about the situation in a Terraria forum post. “You know how we always say that we are done adding content to Terraria? Well, about that…”

The crossover goes both ways, of course. Terraria is getting a bit of Klei magic with the towering Deerclops boss entering the fray. Here’s a screencap, in case Twitter acts up.

For now, we’re still in that initial cool-thing-happening-soon, please-be-excited teaser phase, so we don’t know when these updates will go out in either of the games.

[Update: In a new forum post, Re-Logic said fans have to wait “just a bit longer” for the Don’t Stave Together and Terraria boss crossover, which will be “authentic to the [original] gameplay.” Another hint: “As you can tell from the above gifs, we are swapping terrifying foes. What else might be making the journey to DST and vice versa?”]

Update 2: The crossover updates are live in both games, and Klei shared a big overview.]

Re-Logic’s willingness to update Terraria is as unkillable as Freddy, Jason, and Michael.

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