Don’t go chasin’ butterflies in Super Lucky’s Tale’s launch trailer

Foxes are a top 3 animal, tbh

3D platformers: They’re super hot right now! Everyone’s playing that Mario game, A Hat in Time was very good and probably overlooked, and Bubsy, uh, exists.

Super Lucky’s Tale is set to join that list. It releases alongside the Xbox One X next week for $30. Microsoft just put out the launch trailer where we see that a harmless butterfly is responsible for setting off this whole chain of events. Please stick to the ladybugs and caterpillars you’re used to.

I’m particularly keyed up for Super Lucky’s Tale because me and Jordan played it very early in the morning at E3 (probably 11am) and it goddamn ruled. It was Jordan’s assignment but I finished something else and came over to steal the controller. Rude man! We both liked it enough to give it a nomination for Destructoid’s Best of E3, though. 

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