Doing the Dew unlocks Titanfall 2’s 1v1 mode

Never change, video games

[Update: A rep for EA has provided the following statement on the promotion: “Players will also earn Coliseum tickets by playing multiplayer. The Mountain Dew and Buffalo Wild Wings promotions are just another way for fans to get tickets to Coliseum mode.”

Whenever some pissed-off kid tells you to 1v1 him in Titanfall 2, you’ll have to quick run out to the corner store to pick up some Doritos or Mtn. Dew. That’s how you get into the Coliseum, a stadium that’s undoubtedly better than the one the Los Angeles Rams play in.

Titanfall 2‘s 1v1 mode has been revealed, and it’s entirely fueled by junk food. Specially marked bags of Doritos and Mtn. Dew contain both a ticket to the Coliseum and double XP. It seems as if a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings will net you the same thing.

Coliseum mode is described as a sumo ring of sorts where two robots try to defeat one another. Matches are best two out of three, and said to be “fast and ruthless.” The winner takes home Advocate Gifts, an assortment of unlockables and other rewards.

Of course, these particular brands are no stranger to sidling up to the hot new shooter. Doritos and Mtn. Dew have run several promotions in recent years to help sell the new Call of Duty game. This Titanfall development might mean the dissolution of the partnership with Activision.

And, before we end the post, I’d like to remind you that Rock Band giving away free DLC under Pepsi caps was the best video game/junk food promotion of all-time.

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