Does PS5 or Xbox Series X have the better launch trailer?

Humor me for a minute

We’ve spent months meticulously breaking down every facet of the PlayStation vs. Xbox argument. It’s time to tackle truly the least important of the arguments.

Did Microsoft or Sony put out a better launch trailer? Take three minutes to compare the evidence.

First, the PS5 launch trailer: 

Now, the Xbox Series S/X launch trailer: 

They take starkly different approaches. Sony went for a more cinematic and inspirational tone. It’s a bunch of pioneers and explorers and boundary-pushers, as if Sony is saying “That’s us. The PS5 is Neil Armstrong and Amelia Earhart.”

Microsoft, on the other hand, cares more about making sure everyone knows exactly what Xbox brings to the table. It’s a sizzle reel of features and services, and the whole thing is meant to convey all the value in the Xbox ecosystem. It’s a less compelling direction but probably better for the undecided consumer.

Interestingly, Xbox’s message is “You are the future of gaming,” and it seems like PlayStation’s message is “We are the future of gaming.” I like that confidence and it’s why I’m giving the PlayStation 5 the edge in the Console Launch Trailer Wars of 2020.

Regardless of who you end up siding with, I think we can all agree that this was a tremendous waste of time.

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