Does Fire Emblem Engage have multiplayer or co-op modes?

Fire Emblem Engage multiplayer

Are there any Fire Emblem Engage multiplayer or co-op modes?

Fire Emblem Engage is a thrill to play by yourself with a captivating story and some of the most varied strategy RPG game design in years. With so much emphasis on playing solo though, is there a multiplayer or co-op mode for Fire Emblem Engage? The answer is yes, but it’s quite an odd approach, all things considered.

Being able to create your own maps is a neat touch, but you’re not actively participating in a battle with a friend or foe simultaneously.

The Outrealm Trial

Outrealm Trial FE Engage
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First, the Outrealm Trial in Fire Emblem Engage has you battling against other players and establishing your own maps through an in-game editor. The battles that are created, however, aren’t with your friends or foes per se. Instead, the game will remember the squad you have created while in multiplayer, and then opponents play the AI version of that team. They’re technically going against your characters, but there is no active battle taking place between two players like in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Street Fighter 5Even though you don’t get any experience or bond meters increased, you will gain an item as a reward. You can receive a gift to give to another character in Somniel or a resource for your efforts.

The Outrealm Trial also allows you to make your own maps and challenge your friends/random people online. You can place terrain on an empty plain like pillars, barricades, and even an alpaca statue. Yes, you read that right! You can set up a squad that will challenge the victims who join your map. Once you’re happy with the result, you can save the map and set what type of enemies the challenger should expect. After that, you can upload the creation to your Nintendo account. Just know that you can only have one assigned to your profile.

Relay Trial

Relay Battle Fire Emblem Engage
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Every 24 hours, you will gain a Relay Ticket in Fire Emblem Engage. These are used at the Tower of Trials for the Relay Trial. Like Usain Bolt running with his fellow teammates in an Olympic relay race, you are passing the metaphorical baton to other players online in a battle. When you begin a relay trial, you’ll have a few turns to initiate the fight. After that, you can leave a message for the person as shown above.

If they find your relay trial, another player in Fire Emblem Engage will carry on the skirmish. Once the battle is completed, you’ll gain crystals, which can be used towards improving emblem weapons. No matter which trial you choose, there will be two turns for each player to a maximum of five people. If the battle has not concluded in 10 turns, it’s over, and no rewards will be handed out. Yes, Relay Trial is a co-op mode, but once again, you’re not playing the game live with your friends or random players online.

Once time has passed, go back to the Relay Trial menu and head to “View Results.” Press the A button on the current battle and see if it’s been completed. If it still hasn’t been picked by any players online, you can invite your friends with the Takeover ID, shown below the “Reward” Section in the “Map Information” description.

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