Doctor, doctor, give me the news: I’ve got a bad case of Podtoid questions!

Ask us questions, tell us no lies

My friends, did you catch Podtoid 326: MAGFest, Devil Daggers, and PopoloCrois? It was a real hummdinger that one. And why, you ask? Well, in large part thanks to all of your fabulous questions of course!

But here is our eternal, weekly lot, you and I. You see, we need even more questions still. And we need them from you. It’s a lot of responsibility to hoist upon a loose conglomerate of online pals, but I know you’ll hit it out of the park. You always do.

Kyle MacGregor, Brett Makedonski, Darren Nakamura, and me, ya boy Steven Hansen, will be ready to field ’em from the bleachers.

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