Do you want original Xbox game backward compatibility? Xbox says ‘nothing’s impossible’

Could be ‘challenging’

Responding to questions about backwards compatibility for original Xbox games, Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra says that while it may be “challenging,” “nothing’s impossible.”

“We’re not looking at original Xbox games on Xbox One yet,” Ybarra said, speaking on The Inner Circle podcast (via GameSpot).

“Right now the focus is making more Xbox 360 games work. [It would be] certainly very challenging. Getting Xbox 360 games to work was incredibly challenging and really a multi-year engineering investment. Going all the way back to the original certainly would challenge the team.”

“Nothing’s impossible,” he added. “I’m sure they would love that one as an opportunity to go look at.”

As a reminder, backward compatibility launched across Xbox One on November 12, 2015.

Vikki Blake