Do you look great in a bikini? You and Xbox Live should talk

Facepalms at the ready, kids! The writer of such movies as Slither and Dawn of the Dead, James Gunn, is looking for actors to star in an original show made especially for the Xbox Live Marketplace. Pegged as the “wacky adventures of a group of friends,” I somehow can’t believe this is going to end well.

One of the roles advertised is that of “Girl in Bikini,” who needs to be portrayed by someone who is “super-hot, good with comedy,” and must be able to “look great in bikini.” I do hope the people responsible for this show realize that “super-hot” and “good with comedy” are traits that are almost logistically impossible to co-exist within the same human body. 

Filming should begin in May, and this original Marketplace content is expected to drop through the summer. Whoever it was at Microsoft who had the brainwave of original Marketplace content had a good idea.

That was sarcasm, that last sentence.

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