Do not spend your tax refund at GameStop

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[We reached back 3 years ago into our promoted blogs vault to pull out this personal favorite of mine during the worst season of the year, tax season. Seeing GameStop bring back their weird, tax refund themed marketed campaign compelled me to bring Spielerdad’s blog back out to say, just spend your tax refund wisely, if nothing else. ~Marcel Hoang]

It’s pretty obvious that GameStop’s marketing and communications department has an editorial calendar. It seems that every holiday or event throughout the year, GameStop deploys an e-mail saying that it’s a perfect reason to go to one of their horrible stores.

Sometimes, these communications make sense. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other major holidays work, because retailers have turned these days into major shopping events, replete with sales. Sometimes these are a stretch, as I detailed in a post two weeks ago where GameStop wanted people to spend Valentine’s Day at their stores, using GameStop’s predatory credit card. 

Now, I’m starting to get bombarded by e-mails from GameStop regarding Tax Day, which in the United States is on April 15. It’s a joyous time of year, where you get to stress out over tax forms, bureaucracy, and possible audits and fines. If you’re organized and prepared, you sent your tax forms in already and you have a good accountant who cooks the books, you could be in store for a nice refund check. GameStop, more than anything, wants you to blow this refund check at one of their shitty stores.  

I received four variations of this e-mail.

Full disclosure: I do not know how tax season works outside of the United States, because deep down inside, I’m an ignorant American. Do Canadians have a tax season? Do they get refunds in cash or are they paid with maple syrup and gift cards to Tim Hortons? Both options are delicious!

I can’t say that I know much on how taxes works elsewhere either. I’m assuming in Europe, the government just takes away your entire paycheck so that they can subsidize everything. In Australia, I can see a large chunk of your pay being taken out in order to pay for protection from Mother Nature, as the entire continent is inhabited with animals that are actively trying to kill you.

I’m going to put on my old man hat and say that wherever you are, if you get a refund on your taxes, spend it wisely. Pay off some or all of your debt or invest. And when I say invest, it doesn’t needs to be in stocks, but it certainly could be. You can invest it in yourself. You can start by taking some classes, joining a gym, and simply getting in some self-development. Or, god forbid, you can sock the money away and save it for the inevitable rainy day.

By all means, if you get a windfall of cash, go ahead and treat yourself to something, but spend it wisely. As your dear old granny used to say, don’t blow it all in one place. 

Okay, with the serious stuff out of the way, let’s get back to the silliness. I always try to include a list in my posts and this is no exception. So without further ado, here is my top 10 holidays that GameStop is probably considering doing a tie-in promotion along with an inappropriate headline.

 Jan. 4 World Braille Day – Can’t you SEE that GameStop has the best deals around?


Jan. 22 Roe vs. Wade Day – You’re not going to want to ABORT these awesome deals from GameStop


June 19 Emancipation Day – Feel LIBERATED by shopping at GameStop


Aug. 6-9 Hiroshima & Nagasaki Day – This GameStop sale is the BOMB!


Aug. 24 Vesuvius Day – GameStop is having an ERUPTION of savings!


Sept. 2 National Beheading Day– You’ll lose your head when you see these savings.


Sept. 18 National Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness Day – FOCUS in on GameStop for huge savings


Oct. 12 Native American Day – GameStop is now taking RESERVATIONS on the hottest holiday games.


Oct. 22 International Stuttering Awareness Day – These D-D-D-DEALS are A-A-A-A-AWESOME!


Dec. 02 Special Education Day – Hop on the short bus to savings

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